Your organisation is facing more and more changes and is becoming more complex: technological, environmental and social phenomena that are leading to social transformations that are changing values, work organisation and employment.

We give more meaning to our work, to our life, we are in the era of sharing knowledge, space, tools, together we are better we go further.


Currently with reduced spaces, work is too often fragmented by task, yet office work is first and foremost the knowledge economy and the need to work in project mode, collaborative mode, creation and reflection, which requires greater autonomy at the level of the individual and teams.


Would you like to promote well-being at work and implement a community working atmosphere where each worker can develop his or her talents in full equality, flexibility and in line with his or her values and standards?


Do you want to create value based on sharing in the workplace and through the contribution of actors from different backgrounds inside and outside the company? Create a work environment that attracts and retains talent, an important aspect of workplace branding and employ branding that reflects the essence of your values, an important component of communication?

Spontaneous physical meeting places? Conveying to all, employees, service providers, visitors, clients and potential recruits, an image that the company can use to spread its work culture, identity and beliefs. 


Designing despecialised workspaces, less dedicated but with the advantage of being places where people meet, the possibility of setting up flex-offices, making the most of the space and adapting to staff fluctuations, taking into account acoustic requirements, confidentiality bubbles to isolate oneself, concentrate, make a phone call? Carefully combining consultation and concentration? Boosting innovation, testing and challenging new business models? Co-creating innovative products and services? And this in a sustainable, circular philosophy (long live recovery)?

Modular, innovative, evolutionary furniture, integrating technology, connected?


The company must pamper its nomadic collaborator "the kangaroo way of working" and reinforce the feeling of belonging.

To compensate for the deshumanisation and loss of intimacy of workstations, develop collaborative, relaxing or convivial spaces, preferenced based design, with a decoration referring to the world of living.

We do not totally disinvest the budget dedicated to the workspace, but we make transfers with different cosy elements, with nomads who have the opportunity to work wherever they like, the challenge is great: to make them want to go back to the office.


We are here to help you define your team needs, formalise your project, describe the objectives, the budget and set up a working group with a representative panel of people. Identifying the right people for the different issues at stake:

- managerial and human order (rethinking the links between departments...) or spatial order?

- In-depth reflection on business uses, security and access control.