Our Services

Installing coworking inside organizations

Our experts of Itsnotanoffice assist you in creating an attractive and inspiring workplace where the employee is central with more differentiation in areas where one can function properly.


Recreating  your offices:

  • giving workplaces the flexibility to respond to changes in the external environment and business structure.
  • workplace concepts where one can receive, meet, consume, (flexible)working, meeting, resting , studying and most of all networking with external partners and coworkers.


Facilities which act as a platform and procuring rest and giving space to recreate and inspire and exchange.


Re-use as much as possible existing equipments or environmentally friendly re-processing of existing office furniture.


We design together with you and your users according to your corporate culture and work ethic.

Supporting the change process

We support and develop the Kangaroo Way of Working in your business. 


A concept that will inspire the nomadic worker to come to the office, not in the open space that can be impersonal, noisy and not conducive to concentration but by developing collaborative spaces, relaxation and conviviality.


The company has to pamper its transgenerational workers.


We'll make your mobile workforce leap.

Optimizing homeworking

Wellbeing at work goes well beyond the four walls of the enterprise, now that we become nomads of work, flexible agile workers.


Working from home seems attractive at first, but over time it's a real challenge to have a functional working environment, motivating while managing work life balance.


It's Not An Office partners with Nest Your Desk optimizing telework through trainings and personalized guidance.

This innovative and unique concept is based on exploring the 5 senses and the psychology of workspace. 

Nest Your Desk provides trainings with a full range of very practical tips, easy to implement, with little budget.


A real-time to boost yourself both in spatial, visual, physical and mental tricks.